Why do you have two names?

I started as fairysteps.co.uk, then after many years decided to also adopt the alternative spelling too, faerysteps.com. Both are the same company, same product, same style, same maker, and both addresses will get you to the same place online, Me. I use both names and you will find that my product stationery uses both names. My brand logo, FS encompasses all of my online aliases, FairySteps / FaerySteps / FairyShoemaker.


Do you make custom footwear?

I specialise in making limited edition footwear, with only very occasional custom listings advertised when and if available. This collection is often closed. No requests for custom please (I get asked all the time). I am unable to predict when I can offer this service due to the Elf who helps with soling not always being available. Also, as an artist, I really enjoy the freedom that making stock only gives me. It makes my time in the workshop an absolute joy, which I hope is reflected in the items I make.


What size should I buy for Stock Footwear?

As a general rule purchase one size down from your usual commercial shoe size in boots, shoes & closed toe sandal styles / two sizes down for open toe styles. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, will be converting their size using the table shown on the 'Sizing' page, and then going down one size.


What does 'Limited Edition Colour' mean?

Many of my leathers are non repeatable, thus the footwear made with them are limited editions. A limited number of pairs of boots, shoes or bags will be made with the hide making each item rather unique. Other leathers come from stock lines which I can repurchase from my leather merchants.


Why are custom listings not available continually?

See answer to first question... I am a one woman business and a mere mortal. Alas, due to a combined lack of extra arms / endless time / sheer oomph, etc, there are limits to how much I can physically make. Apologies to anyone who feels frustrated at wanting custom footwear but finds themselves unable to purchase. I do my best :)


Do you make Vegan friendly footwear?

Another popular question. Sadly I have never found a suitable substitute for the qualities that leather offers both in the making process and the wearing. However, the search continues and if I ever do find something you will be the first to know, I promise.