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faerysteps customers

CarlaPerfect every time Sooooo comfortable. So blessed to own a few pairs of Ren’s shoes and it’s always comfortable guaranteed! I never need to walk them in, they are slippers and perfect! Never had shoes like them. They will last a lifetime if I keep resoling. They are an investment …. And art. They allow me to feel more like me going out.

Angela - Shoes for the Fairy at Heart Been buying shoes from Ren for over 10 wonderful yrs. Every pair has been like slipping into shoes made for the fairy royalty, instantly transporting you into another realm. They will be your best friends for a lifetime if treated with kindness as they deserve. Her attention to detail, quality leathers and exquisite sewing shows in all the footwear I've bought from her over time. You won't find pieces like hers anywhere else with such impish style. Get ready to dance in forests, traverse cobble streets, or walk down the aisle of love in a pair of the comfiest shoes in the universe and beyond. They are worth every bit and beyond!

AmandaI love this bag! Ren, you were right- it was a difficult colour to capture in a photo but when it arrived I loved it even more! A simple classic tote, skilfully made in an amazing coloured leather has made me a very happy (and organised - it holds so much) person. No doubt it is going to last me a lifetime of adventures! Thank you Ren x 

Fit perfectly
They fit perfectly and are amazing, very light to wear! I plan to wear them for medieval festivals and my wedding (which will happen during winter) and think they will fit even more perfectly with warm wool socks! Fast shipping, thank you!

Happy feet
Diane Jane
I ordered these boots with such excitement as I value the feet that serve me well day in, day out. I received my parcel, lifting it up with anticipation as I shook it like an excited child at Christmas. I was slightly surprised at how light the box was and I do confess to feeling slightly alarmed at how feathery light it was. 
Nevertheless I continued like my excited 5 year old former self as I unwrapped the wonderfully packaged boots. 
I was so thrilled to discover the beautiful, soft, leather of the boot ....handmade with obvious love and perfection to detail to create a unique item for my feet. 
I have worn them a few times now! They are as light as a feather compared to the high street, run of the mill items I have been used to purchasing. 
But don't be fooled that they are not up to the job! In fact they made a day on my feet feel like I had given them the love and attention they deserved. The softness of the leather meant there were no blisters to deal with, to soothe and heal. The lightness of the sole meant I had no ankles to rub at the end of a busy day on my feet. 
My happy, caressed feet have never felt so looked after in the beautiful boots Ren makes, with love, care and attention to detail. I have no doubts that I am one very happy customer who will return to buy again. Many thanks!!

Best shoes
I ordered a pair of Luna’s and from the first day of wearing them I loved them. They are magical, they feel so wonderful on, no rubbing or pinching just perfect. Ren’s craftsmanship is outstanding and her friendliness is wonderful. I have worn my Luna shoes a lot and I’m now am a proud owner of three pairs of faerysteps. ✨

Dearest Ren, 
Have just opened my boxes and am over the moon. So thrilled with them both but the Willo' s are particularly Divine 🙂 🙂  utterly beautiful. Thank you for making my day xxx

Amazing shoes
I've had my Luna's for about 4 years, they are pretty much all I wear in the summer and take one hell of a battering, gardening, long walks, mud, rain and lots of sun! They still look wonderful and are so damned comfy. Tough as old boots and pretty as a pin.

Cute & comfy!
Button Queen 
I have two pairs of the lovely Luna shoes, a red & a black pair. They are the comfiest shoes, made with the softest leather. You put them on in the morning, and won't want to take them off til bedtime! (To be fair, that's true with all of my 5 pairs of Faerystep shoes!) This lovely style goes well with my 50s style dresses all done up for a wedding or a 'do' but go just as well on a loungy Sunday like today with my linen trouser laid back & casual! They're totally versatile & look greater paired with opaque tights, or stripes socks too! I have about 10 sets of colourful ribbons to interchange with the Luna lovelies to make them compliment different outfits - I generally pick out one colour from a patterned dress of top for my accessories & have ribbons to match! I love my Lunas!

Top notch!
I have admired faery step shoes for years and finally decided to purchase a pair for myself. I love them. They are well made and extremely comfortable. Top notch.

Wedding Shoes
I bought a pair of these as my wedding shoes and they were the best! They were so comfy and fit my feet perfectly (literally the best fitting shoes I have ever worn!) They are really soft and very light and didn't rub my feet once.
I've worn them nearly every day since as they suit both casual and smart looks and I always get lovely comments about them too!!

Such pretty shoes
I bought a pair of bubblegum pink Holly shoes and I completely adore them. They go everywhere with me, are so so comfy. I have wide and high arched feet, so comfy shoes are a revelation! They look so pretty and I am often asked about them.
Just need to save up for another pair....

Plum hollies
These were my first pair of faerysteps. I wasn't quite brave enough for pointy toes yet, so chose a pair of Hollies. Love the design and shape. Very comfy and and wear well. So.... I bought another pair, Esthers with pointy toes.
Ren was really helpful when I had questions with how to measure properly and answered quickly.
♡Beautiful shoes ♡
☆Ren is such a clever lady ☆

Favourite ones.....
Love my Holly’s: very comfortable and real head turners.

The most beautiful and comfy shoes I own.
Jude Elston
The most beautiful and comfy shoes I own. Thank you! Looking forward to owning my second pair!

Heavenly Booties
Laurie L 
I bought a pair of Willow boots last year in November as a birthday present to myself. I’d been wanting a pair of Faerysteps shoes for the longest time. I agonized over sizing but Ren was totally awesome and helped me choose the right size. My boots fit PERFECTLY!!! I really thought that shipping would take a long time but I received my shipment in no time. I live in Deep South Texas where everything takes forever.
I cannot say enough great things about Faerysteps shoes and boots. I’m currently saving so I can get 2 or 3 pairs next time. My goal is to have enough pairs that I never need to buy commercially made shoes ever again. 😀💕
I’m hoping Ren will make me an open shoe someday..... It’s unbearably hot where I live!

The boots are so cute, comfortable and lightweight! I love them, thank you!

Simply The Best ;)
Jenny Wren 
My Willo boots are absolutely wonderful. The leather is beautifully soft and the colours are amazing. The attention to detail is superb. Ren is so helpful and patiently answered all my questions and came up with such fantastic ideas for the colour scheme. I can't thank her enough. Everyone loves my boots! :)

I want it all!
Maria Thomasson 
Everything the lovely people at Faerysteps do/make is out of this world in terms of beauty and quality. If I could give Faerysteps 100 stars I would. I only have one problem... I want it all ❤️

These boots are incredible! The leather is wonderfully soft, and the sole is as comfortable as being barefoot... but without rocks jabbing you. thank you, Ren!
Another wonderful footwear experience.

Gail Mackay
Fantastic to deal with and purchase from. Queries quickly and easily resolved. I bought boots and they are simply beautiful and so comfortable. Great leathers too. Check with REN about sizing however as they are quite large made. I will get another pair very soon to add to my boots and bag I already have. Well recommended.

There are no words...
Maria Thomasson 
I ordered the wisps on a whim last month primarily to see if this wonderful range of shoes would fit my wide feet. I was astounded when I opened the box. I was so surprised to find the boots inside as the box weighed almost nothing! The colour, the style, the soft, buttery leather had me won over in seconds! I was afraid to even try to put my feet inside incase they would be too narrow and they wouldn't work for me which would have been such a disappointment! So you can imagine my sheer delight when my feet slipped in with ease! Never before had I felt such comfort. I felt amazing and oh so quirky! The next step was to consider whether or not I had the guts to wear the boots in public (being a secondary school teacher I am more than aware that I am always, 'on display', in front of my teenage students). I fell in love with the boots so quickly that there was no going back! I had a wardrobe full of expensive shoes that hurt my feet and enough was enough. I have worn the wisps every single day since I bought them and I am now a customer for life! Buy these shoes or boots, you will only regret waiting to do so! Now I must dash and order another pair! Thank you Ren x

Beautifully made!
These are beautifully made! The leather is even softer and more supple than I was hoping. So unusual and flattering, I always get compliments when I wear them. And Ren is a pleasure to deal with!

magnifique!!!!!! parfaites!!!!!! merci beaucoup Ren!!!

Love this style
Amanda Rittenhouse
These are my go to Faerystep shoes. They are comfortable, colorful and beautiful! Ren is wonderful!

Great shoes, I love them!
Manuela O 
Great shoes, I love them!
Very good quality materials and Ren is such a great and professional designer.
Love her too :).

The fit is perfect
I have coveted the beautiful Fairysteps shoes for some years now. Finally I decided I could no longer live without a pair of my own. I was not disappointed. They arrived beautifully wrapped, the aroma of leather wafting deliciously from the box...and oh how soft! ❤️ The fit is perfect, and I love the possibility of having many different looks simply by changing the ribbons. I just know this is not going to be my only pair of Fairysteps. Thank you so much, Ren x

Brilliantly and expertly made.
I can't explain enough how magnificent these shoes are... both to look at, and to wear. Brilliantly and expertly made, I am elated that I took a deep breath and ordered them after literally years of loving Ren's shoes. Every penny spent is small charge for the craftsmanship and quality. I can only dream of my next pair and have already enjoyed subtly altering the look with a few alternative organza ribbons in addition to the ones supplied. If like me you are debating buying any one of these gorgeous items - breathe deeply and then do it.
You won't regret it. Promise.

Love, love, love my Clara’s. I wear them most days, they just get better and better if that’s possible. Beautifully crafted in soft buttery leather makes them feather light. I have my Fairysteps shoes lined up so I can admire them, as sadly I can’t wear all three pairs at once. Ren is a delightful lady and very helpful.

Adore them!
Lesley Phipps 
I bought a pair last year and I keep them for special days out. When they are not on my feet, they are kept squirrelled away in their box to keep them safe......I have never loved a pair of shoes enough to do that with them before!

Fab shoes!
Jane Gibbs 
Fabulous shoes, lovely dresses and trousers and sumptuous woollens!

Beautiful shoes!
Beautiful shoes and so comfortable! A joy to wear!
Thank you so much.

Adore! I had waited so long to have a pair of these on my feet.
Thank you xxx

Fit for a Faerie Queen
Michelle Gordon 
I've had my custom Queenie Fairysteps in violet for three years and they are still my favourite pair of shoes in my wardrobe! I wear them for special Faerie events and fairs and they have been around America and Canada with me too. Embrace your inner Faerie and order some Queenie's!

Fantastic personal service!!
Mandy Horton 
Fantastic personal service!! Both pairs of shoes I have purchased (one made to order) which was exactly what I asked for! (The other from the shop stock) fit a treat and are little slippers to wear, so soft and light! For anyone wanting comfort but something quirky and different Fairysteps is where you want to be!

Fit like a glove!
Beautiful and fits like a glove!!!!

Thank you!
I LOVE these shoes. They fit like a glove from the first moment I put them on. Beautiful color, and delightful design. The pointy toe has my co-workers asking where I hide my wings. :) Thank you for making the world a more magical place, one pair of shoes at a time.

Highly recommended!
Love these shoes and so impressed with quality of materials and workmanship. Seller communicates promptly. International shipping to US took only a week. Highly recommended!

Simply the best
These shoes are just beautiful. Super lightweight, comfy and the most amazing colours. Perfect for my wedding day and every other day after. Thank you Ren for an amazing job! Xxx

My all time favourite pair of shoes. Beautifully made by the wonderful Ren.
The softest leather and scrumptious colours.
Thank you Ren, Xx

Charlotte Watkinson 
Great Shoes and great service.

Magic in every step
Magical little fairy flats. perfect for walks brisk and leisurely, on sidewalks or over hill and dale, and for shooting (or trying to shoot) the occasional basket in a game of hoops. Mine have a deep green leaf, barklike sides and sturdy soles and have been known to evoke responses of the "your shoes look like tree branches!" sort -- a fair compliment! No one makes shoes as fine and fair as Ren and, if I may say so again magical.