Where did Winter go?

I can't believe how fast seems to be flying by, yet also dragging on. I blame it on the relentless rain we have been having. I feel as if its been raining forever. My youngest informed me yesterday that its been raining since September and she is most probably right. However, I keep seeing patches of blue and everything here at home is flushing green so Spring is here!

I look forward to walking the lanes with warm sunshine on my back and little birds busy in the hedgerows. Tea in the yard, morning, noon and night. Evening trips after work to the seaside to eat fish n chips in the van and stare at the beauty of the sea. A happy thought.

Ive spent the whole year so far buried underneath custom orders and can safefully say that I am now completely burnt out ;) its been a hard slog to the finish line but I am 4 orders away from completion, yippee! Lots of pairs still on their lasts and yet to be laced and packed for posting but thats a matter of weeks away now. I most probably shall'nt open custom again this year, but you never know.

Once completed I will be moving onto stock making as since the 'clear out' sale the Fairysteps shop is all but empty! The horror of it! Stock will be slowly added but I do have a great deal of catching up with home projects and work here so when I say slow I do mean slow. Ive been working 7 days a week for months so I'm owed some slow time ;)

Ive got some shoes already cut out from back along which I will make first, but then am keen to get going on a pile of Wisp short boots. They are so useful for any season so Im thinking its a good style to start with. Lots of limited edition leathers I can use for these so many will be one of ones. I don't plan on making anymore of the very small leathergoods this year (hence the sale), but I will make some Withy, Jinks & Hazel belt pouches as well as a few Wela wallets. Also planning lots of Natter bags, simply because its a great little size and fits a phone and essentials. There will be other larger bags made too.

Well my dears, I think that pretty much sums up future making plans. As always, updates are via Instagram (I tend to use facebook less and less) and can also be seen on the home page of the website. Plus do check out the 'Latest' collection which will always show the newest items added to stock. Its going to be a few weeks till anything new is added though.

Till then, keep smiling, Ren x

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