Hatting in earnest...

Gosh has my hook been busy of an evening! Dimpsy now by 7.30 so it's that time of year where I can spend my evenings in my sitting room with yarn, hook and tea pot. My favourite combination. Both Inkcap and Esme hats are available as Made To Order in the shop for a short time, but Custom listings are often paused while I replenish stock, apologies if you looked but couldnt find them, do keep an eye on stock updates via the newsletter to see when a new 'hill of hats' is added to the shop.

Essentially the same fit but Esme has a short point atop, much like an acorn, while Inkcap has a long pointy top. All self respecting Gnomes would of course wear Inkcap on a daily basis, it being a badge of honour to proudly display your 'inner gnome' at every opportunity.


A new tweedy colour has just been added, 'Hazel', a soft warm caramel brown which really does go with anything. Additionally I've added the following colours in plain finish yarns: Graphite / Coffee bean / Pebble / Fern green / Wine red. I have had several orders for custom hats in the past week and am happy to report that all will be posted out today! Super quick turnaround time.

I do hope that everyone is not pining too much for the loss of instagram / facebook posts. I am still adapting after having been used to seeing it every day for the past however many years. Imagine the extra hats I can make with the time saved...

Fairysteps Land: Heavy rain and thundery grey skies here after our mini heatwave of last week. The hawthorn berries are a deep berry red now and although the abundant blackberries are mouldering after the rain, it has to be said that nature has certainly provided a feast this year for little critters and birds alike. I've never seen such a blackberry crop! Or apples, the orchard is dripping apples. Sadly the deer broke into the meadow and stripped most of the plums which was a great shame as I adore fresh plums. Sweet and plump from the tree, not the supermarket ones which you purchase as almost black, bullet hard eggs, and which then remain as black, bullet hard eggs, despite the packaging promising that they will ripen at home. I never buy them now, instead I wait a whole year till I can pick a fresh Victoria plum and experience a little bit of heaven.

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