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At last I am marking and snipping a batch of shoes. I have been so engrossed in making bags it feels like forever since I made a shoe! Feeling very inspired by the changing season I have opted for natural shades for this batch of Brambles. Several different browns, all of which are perfect for Autumn / Winter. I am making a full size run from 3 to 8 so do look out for updates on these. Shown here in Burnt Toffee Tinner from C F Steads, an English tannery who make many of the  glorious artisan leathers that feature in the Fairysteps range.

Sneaking in one pair of a new style, 'Marian'. Look out for an update on those, but say no more for now ;)

I shall be taking a few weeks off in October so I don't expect to have footwear stock ready for the shop till November, there will be bags and purses before then though.

Ren x

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Thank you Abigail. Fairysteps have featured in many woodland weddings, an honour to be part of x Thank you for leaving a comment x

Ren Cuming

I love the look of these shoes and am excited for a restock! Just stumbled across your site when looking for fairy wedding shoes but these looks perfect for autumn/winter.


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