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UK 5. HOLLY Shoe. 4892

UK 5. HOLLY Shoe. 4892

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A woodland fairy shoe with a quirky side pointed toe shape for everyday adventures. Spiked points and punch work galore. Comes with removable leather lacing to tie over the instep or at the ankle should you wish too.

  • Colour: Stump Woodlander. C F Steads, England.
  • Accent: Tundra Badalassi oak tan, Italy.
  • Leather laced.
  • Toe shape: Side point.

"Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown.” English Folk Song

Check your SIZE before purchase

I make shoes and boots in sizes UK 3 to UK 8 (no half sizes). Footwear is made to a standard D width fitting, but many of the styles have been especially designed to be adaptable for various width fittings adjusting from narrow to wide.

How to measure

You will need a metric tape, a sheet of paper, pencil and a wall. Use the diagram below to take your length measurement (both feet), then compare to size chart below to find the perfect fit. Allow a little wiggle room based on your own personal preference. If you buy larger sizes in high street shoes to get extra comfort on the width you may need 2 sizes down in fairysteps. Message me if you are unsure.

NOTE: Fairysteps shoes are generous. Customers always 'size down' in our shoes, so as a general rule, order one size down from your usual commercial shoe size, eg: usual size = EU 39 / UK 6, order size = EU 38 / UK 5. Half sizes should go down to the next full size below.

Place a sheet of paper and your heel against a straight wall. With pencil held upright, mark the longest toe. Do this with both feet as they are often different lengths. Use the longest measurement as a guide. If you are ordering boots it is advisable to wear your socks when measuring, for shoes, feet should be barefoot.

Interior finished size of BOOTS, SHOES & CLOSED TOE SANDALS:

UK 3 - Length: 23.8 cm  
UK 4 - Length: 24.7 cm  
UK 5 - Length: 25.6 cm 
UK 6 - Length: 26.5 cm 
UK 7 - Length: 27.4 cm 
UK 8 - Length: 28.3 cm

Interior finished size of OPEN TOE SANDALS, foot bed from heel cup to front edge (measured at the centre line):

UK 3 - Length: 24.4 cm
UK 4 - Length: 25.3 cm
UK 5 - Length: 26.2 cm
UK 6 - Length: 27.1 cm
UK 7 - Length: 28 cm
UK 8 - Length: 28.9 cm

Sandals such as 'Flittle' are open at the toe, so the exposed foot bed is longer. As such, you may have to size down further to avoid too much room being left beyond your toes. See individual listings for specific sizing information.

Example; my foot length measurement is 25.5 cm and I am a high street shoe size of UK 7. I select size UK 6 for boots & shoes, but I choose a UK 5 in open toe sandals & slip on's.


Overseas Sizing Conversion Table & Order notes for International customers

UK 3 / US 5 / EU 35.5
UK 4 / US 6 / EU 37
UK 5 / US 7 / EU 38
UK 6 / US 8 / EU 39
UK 7 / US 9 / EU 40.5
UK 8 / US 10 / EU 42

Conversions are approximate, don't forget you will need to measure up before ordering to check your actual foot measurement on the chart. An International customer who wears a US size 8 would convert to a UK 6, but will need to select UK 5 when ordering, thus following the 'down one size' rule.

Please note: Customers are responsible for taking accurate measurements following the detailed instructions given. I can only give sizing advice with the information you provide, and even then, on occasion you may have to pay to return footwear for a refund. Feet are fickle things and sometimes only actually trying on footwear can tell you if the fit feels right for you. 

I do not offer exchanges, instead please return your initial order which I will then refund (less the initial postage), and then reorder suitable replacements should you wish to.

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  • What is my Fairysteps Size?

    As a general rule, order one size down from your usual commercial shoe size, eg: usual size = UK 6/US 8, order size = UK 5/US 7. Half sizes go down to the next full size below. ALWAYS MEASURE before ordering!

    Visit Sizing Help 
  • Where / How are Fairysteps made?

    Lovingly handmade in a woodland workshop using a trio of vintage sewing machines and my hands. Read about the special leathers / soling / threads, etc on the materials page.

    Visit Materials Page 
  • Delivery & Returns Information

    UK shoe orders are £8.50 / International £25. Stock items are sent within 3 to 5 working days of purchase with a dispatch notice sent at time of posting. Returns are accepted subject to terms.

    View Delivery Prices 
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