WILLOW, a new style... and back to blogger!

A bit of a variation on the ALDER style with new element thrown in! I love it! What a little beauty of a day bag! Small enough to stop you breaking your shoulder, large enough to carry all the essentials! Large front and rear pocket for ipod, mobile, purse etc. Single large interior compartment. Double lined short shoulder strap. What more could a girl ask for?
Ive cut a VIOLET eco tanned one too...

AND... did you notice? Ive come back to blogger! I managed 4 days away and it was too much! I missed that connection with all my blogging friends, I missed seeing your news and treasures popping up in my reading list, I missed being a part of the whole blogging community. And it dawned on me that its OK to pop a note on saying I cant reply to comments via the blog. Its OK. So no more frustration that the blogger email return links for comments often dont work in my mailbox. Whoo hoo! I dont want to leave behind what will be 5 years this year, of this very special online diary. 
Ive come home x

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