White birthdays, icing sugar and snowmen in the woods...

Tiniest tiddywink made a splendiferous cake (I had to share it...) with what looks like 80 on the top. Owing to 'the cough' I look and feel 80 but am in fact now 40! I think the icing ran a bit. Gravity has taken over, much like it does when you reach 40... say no more.

Big tiddlywink who is a devoted wood turner made me a bowl of Ash. This one had little legs and reminds me of a small wooden cauldron. I love it!!!! Perfect for the salt and peppery bits on the kitchen table.

Last but not least middle tiddlywink made me some new lace mittens in spice red cotton. They are so beautiful! I also had a voucher for a whole weeks worth of dishwashing! A whole week!!!
I had a wonderful day, and as ever I marvel at how lucky I am to be me.

Just a few snowy pictures to finish....

Our tea drinking wooden thrones lie dusted and still.... no brewing up here, but I was tempted.

Smiley faced snowmen of all sizes are popping up all over our woods... where are they coming from?? Maybe a tiddlywink is building them?

The ponies remain unimpressed with all of this icing sugar stuff all over their grass... The valley does look pretty though shrouded in snowy mists.

If it wasnt for the fact that it would probably kill me due to this flu bug I am itching to get up in the garden and light up the fire under the bath. I had one last year in a foot of snow and it was quite magical. I want one now!!! Failing me having my snowy dip I suggested to Mr Fairysteps that he should try it, pushing the fact that it would be a memory that he would always remember....

His answer... I would always remember it because, it would be my last memory!
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