What to knit next?

Dont women on vintage patterns look cheerful... unlike the models in the Rowan magazines, who always seem to look on the brink of manic depression. I wonder what the photographer sayes to them on the photo shoots? I like seeing pictures of smiling women, it makes me feel that maybe its worth knitting what their wearing to catch a smidge of their good mood!
The pattern above is, I think the perfect shape! I am determinded to make one with a small simple lace eyelet pattern and another with a fair isle band just above the ribbing... but not just yet...
Pattern no 9526 by Sirdar (shown above)... See that spice coloured cotton above... well Im going to knit this cardi for the Summer using that yarn. Its a 50% cotton mix DK. I like the long sleeves and the lace edge. Im going to knit the smallest size so that its very fitted. I think the one on the model could do with being tighter personally. Its a 'I can watch my new Emma dvd while Im whizzing through the stocking stitch' type of knit, so very quick! Probably quicker to make than the hours its taken me to decide today! I started the day with a headache and its not going away! Early night I think.

Hope everyone elses weekend is gong well! Im being treated to a meal out tommorow so Im very much looking forward to that!
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