What a week half term was...

Esther vintage fairy shoes in dove grey.

I've had such a busy week, but then half term always is for parents is'nt it. I am very aware though that these times will pass, and that for me in fact, this is most probably my last half term with my youngest. This time next year she will already have turned 18, and so the luxury of outings mid week etc will be gone forever, never to return. So I made sure I took some time off this week so we could be together. It was so lovely.

I worked last weekend to make sure I really cracked on with the outstanding orders. There were lots of Victory red shoes and I must say, they rather cheered me on to the finish line. I've made so many custom shoes and boots this year that I'm feeling a smidge burnt out... it really is time to take a break from custom.

I did manage to squeeze in cutting out 2 new tunic dresses which made me ever so happy. I have been meaning to for months but have'nt had time. The fabric is glorious linen / viscose blend, and the print is rather pretty too, but... unless I want to look like I just lost a fight with a curtain, the colour is a definite NO. I fear I am too old for white and pink :)
I've bought some dye to pop them in the machine for a colour spin. One will be deep blackberry, and the other a teal colour. I can never find dye colours I like so I pop it in a jam jar and add a teaspoon of different colours to tone them down or blend new ones. It's so exciting waiting for them to finish the cycle...

We went on a long awaited family trip to Dunster Castle. Crossed the border to Somerset which was something in itself. Littlest drove us in 'her car' which was very exciting. Well, I expect it was... truth be told, I was keeled over in the back with my eyes closed for most of the journey. The older I get, the more I hate long journeys and motorways. Give me a lane with tall hedges and barely enough room to get a car down it, and I'm the happiest woman alive.

LUNA vintage fairy shoes in Victory red.

PUCK fairy shoes in Victory red.

I finally sewed up the last batch of Hendreary hats Ive been knitting and got them listed. Hoping these will be popular for gift giving.

Youngest (who is studying Agriculture) did a few days of farming and was in her element. It was lovely to see. I do love seeing my children happy in their lives.

We visited 2 castles in one week! Went to local Castle Drogo and indulged in lunch together. The gardens were going to sleep, but still full of colour and form. Views across the valley to home are always lovely to see from this side.

Don't mention paint to me. I've literally had enough of it now...
The stairs, doors, front room, beams, airing cupboard, floors have all been finished at last. It's been 2 years of what seems like non stop decorating for me. Happily, I washed my last brush out this morning once the porch floor was finished. Home looks the bees knees and I am very proud. These pictures are in progress shots, so the floor probably does'nt have its top coat on. It does now :)

The last thing I would like to do before Christmas is strip the varnish off the kitchen sink and sand and oil it. I should never have put varnish on to start with. It locks in any water that gets under it and stains the wood. We were going to update the kitchen and pop an old stainless sink in that I have, but to be honest, I can't be bothered! Decided to make do and mend and be grateful with what I have already.

Porch floor which was a terrible mess looks so much better. Only finished it this morning!

The stairs all top coated in this picture, but, underneath and floor in progress.

Plus, as if doing the house isn't enough, Mr F has started on the Cabin in the woods. Ripped out the back wall and is shifting the toilet. Here he is putting a new supporting beam up. Unfortunately... I am going to have decorate the Cabin when the building work is finished, but that won't be any time soon so thats okay. I am turning back time in there to 1930. My little time warp to visit and drink tea, and for family to come and stay in.

As all orders are finished (in my workshop at least, Mr F still has work to do on their bottoms...), I dipped into the leather pile and marked and cut my first stock today. It felt a real treat. Absolute creative indulgence. Selfish shoemaking. Non prescriptive creativity. It was a joy. Look out for updates of finished stock. Its all going to be very unique and spontaneous. Proper battery charging stuff, hopefully not just for me, but, for you as well. There are after all, only so many pictures of black Lunas you can show ;)

Happy weekend my dears, Ren x
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