Wander cab revamp...

Plaster pink undercoat going on the camper van cab today. Woo hoo! Getting the cab ready was no mean feat. It was covered in carbon fibre effect sticky back plastic sheet... classy ;)

Early finish today in the workshop and onto the kitchen table to make curtains for the camper van. Mr Fairysteps has started the undercoat on the cab after a couple of days of rubbing down and preparing :) Seaside is imminent x

Poor Wanda! She’s had her front stripped ready for cab painting. We’ve chosen Farrow & Ball, colour Charlottes Locks. Deep orange heaven. Paint Mr Fairysteps, paint!

Hello undercoat and topcoat :)

The cab is complete and looks edible. Mr Fairysteps rebuilt the front corners because they were rotted out. Thats age I suppose. I was built in the 70s and I’m showing signs of rust too…
Hope you are enjoying the van updates!

Friday evenings sat in the car with lots to keep occupied while I wait for ballet class to finish… I do this on Mondays too, probably like many other mother’s! Have a great weekend everyone x
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