Urgent News update!

The Fairy Shoemaker is so tired that she can hardly reach the thread on her trusty sewing machine…

I am infact suffering from boot burnout! Ive been struggling with what to do about it for several weeks now and have reached only one conclusion… to take all custom boot listings out of the shop! Its the only way for me to slow down orders and open up some more creative time for bag making. So my dear readers… its Shoes and Bags only for the time being.

I know I am going to get a lot of flack over this… and heaps of emails saying that Winter will be just around the corner and please do make me boots dear Ren. I can’t possibly cope without them… Alas, I cant possibly cope with them at the moment! I keep saying it, and no one believes me Im sure (and that little picture up there of me reaching for my thread won’t help…) but I am only Human.

There may be the odd pair of boots added to stock for me to keep my hand in so to speak, but no custom orders. If things change, you will be the first to know! So… no, I can’t say when!

As ever, thank you so, ever so, very much for all of your support x I cant tell you how much it means!!! And looking on the bright side… custom shoes are still available!

Ren x

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