Updated pictures of the 'SKIRT' affair.... in daylight!

The light had really gone too far yesterday evening for pictures, it was dimpsy to say the least! Having looked at them this morning, eldest Tiddlywink told me retake them in the sunshine, naturally being a dutiful Mother I did exactly as I was instructed to......

You can now see the true colours and just why I fell in love with the skirt fabric, patches and all! I love the way the bust shaping is done on the top, I may have to copy that pattern and make another one..... its good to accentuate the 'bits' Mother nature gave us!
Next quest is to find a pattern for homemade sewn stockings.... then I am making some garters. I saw some over the knee jobs in the most amazing pink and green spotty jersey and I wanted them... I mean WANTED them! They were in a pack of 3 for £17 so wanting didnt matter, I couldnt have them. Then Im left thinking..... maybe I could sew some up in a fine jersey with a bit of lycra in there.
I could look like Winnie the witch and have striped ones, Ive got Wilber the black cat and the pointy nose so Im half way there already........
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