Up to my eyes... and beyond....

I have been so busy! I need a good walk, and maybe to go and find this rather beautiful tree again, take out my flask and cup and saucer and take tea underneath his branches. What a tempting thought......

I haven't had time to breath, let alone post entries on my blog! BUT I can see a gap in the madness..... so will be posting a proper entry very soon! I have a huge pile of stock to add to the shop, a big batch of shoe orders nearing completion and looking wonderful, and ooodles of ideas streaming through my already overfull head. Phew!

And YES the website does look different.... again! I couldn't help myself though. I'm mad about dragonflies so when I found this template on Pappashop it just had to be Fairysteps!! I am looking forward to seeing my first giant black and yellow stripey dragonfly of the year.

Last note, the swallows are here again en masse and as usual are desperately trying to build in my scullery. I told them they couldn't last year.... and the year before that.

Some birds just don't get a hint do they!
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