Unearthing buried treasure....

Digging for treasure in the veg garden is my second most favourite thing..... eating what we dig up is my first!!!
These purple eyed beauties were grown from seed teddies kept from last years crop. And for anyone who is wondering why this strange woman is talking about growing teddies from seeds...... In Devon locals (and I am) traditionally call potatoes teddies.... Its a sort of habit I grew up with hearing words around me, like dimpsy and smitch and licks and copeeos...... It was only as I grew older that I realised that no one else seemed to use them!!!

We had a bumper crop last year! The best bit was that though they were second earlies they kept fantastically, staying firm all winter for us. Everyone who has a teeny tiny patch of ground, or failing that a bucket outside your door should grow potatoes! Even just once to experience the joy of a plateful covered in English butter and freshly snipped chives.

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