Turning ugly ducklings into swans...

I had a very busy Saturday afternoon and evening....

It started with a visit by a dear friend a few weeks ago....

I requested HELP with sorting out my burgeoning wardrobe which despite being full of clothes wasnt giving me much inspiration to get dressed in the mornings! I needed someone to say, YES or NO when I held an item of clothing up. I mean a final NO get rid of it!!!

I have never done this and the clothes mountain had built up over a period of about 20 years, mainly in blues and purples which make me look as if I have been recently exhumed.

We made a Charity shop pile, a keep pile, a "I can turn that into something different pile".

There was 6 full to the top bin liners removed!!! God it felt good! Thank you Lu!!x!!

I have only kept clothes in certain colours and its the colour bit that was the defining factor!!!

Anyway, yesterday I started on the bag which contained the number 3, make it into something new pile. Heres what I did!!!!

Here we have a charity shop £1 jumper in a stunning colour, sort of burnt orange (have only recently learnt that this colour looks good on me) but its a hideous, where is the bucket I want to be sick? jumper style from BHS. Do I look like I want to wear an acrylic jumper from BHS???? NO!!! But I had plans.....

Next I had bought this little cotton top some time ago. It had a deep ruffled hem on it which again made you wider at the very place you dont need any width added! I chopped it off and ziggy zagged the hemline. This was the first stage.... I then had a long deep ruffle in chocolate brown to play with. Hmmm.... what can I do with that?

Back to the hideous jumper... I would quite like a cardigan in that colour, maybe the ruffle could go on there.

First of all I cut off those horrible buttoned cuffs (more on those later....).

Then I cut out the BHS label (it had to go...). Carefully snipped straight up the front right in the middle. And removed that crew neck ribbing turning it into a little v neck at the same time.

I took that ruffle and finding the halfway mark pinned it to the centre back neck. Pinned all the way around the new neck line and then carefull ziggy zagged all the way around. I cut a smooth rounded front edge on each front where the ruffle ended too. The cuffs got the same treatment. Stretching as I sewed to achieve that lovely ruffled edge.

Remember the cuffs. I needed something on the centre front to bring it all together. What better than making those cuffs into a pair of corsages to close the fronts together! I had to snitch a few buttons from the collection too....

And here it is finished. A really grotty BHS acrylic jumper bought for £1 turned into something that I wouldnt mind wearing now!

I made a petticoat too using an old skirt but I will post about that later!

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