To shampoo OR not to shampoo? That is the question...

I read an interesting article on this blog all about not using shampoo.... Mmmm I thought to myself, that sounds interesting in a green way. I investigated further and it seems that lots of people dont use shampoo at all! Then I did a few mental workings out and thought about all of the plastic shampoo bottles that I would use in my lifetime, and how much landfill I could save on. I decided to give this no shampoo business a go. I opted for the watery bicarb rinse option. Its a desertspoon of ordinary Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with a pint of water which you then decant into a bottle. When its hair washing time you simply use about an egg cup full of this mixture instead of shampoo. Every few washes a vinegar rinse is needed. Use 1 tablespoon in half a pint of warm water as a final rinse. I did this for 7 weeks, washing my hair twice a week. My hair is naturally very thick and being dark is liable to look greasy after 3 days, but I must say this regime didnt look too bad. I did not brush it much to avoid it sticking to my scalp though! It did mostly look clean but I had to stop after the 7 weeks due to the bicarb mix drying my facial skin out so much. Washing in the shower made it hard to avoid getting the mixture on your skin. I also developed a very itchy scalp. Having said all that it really was worth trying and it made me think about the whole shampoo thing and how I use it. I always buy 'Faith in Nature' shampoo, usually either the beautifully fragrant lavender and geranium or the Rosemary. I wet my hair, squeeze a small puddle into my palm and slap it right on the top of my head, I rub a little, there doesnt seem to be enough to bubble up everywhere so I take a smaller puddle and put that on the sides of my head...... I have done this for years. Then after a bit of thought I examine my scalp and think about my scalp condition over the years, always at its healthiest underneath at the back, actually right where I have never put shampoo directly onto my scalp. It dawns on me how much of this rather luxurious resource I have wasted over the years and how it probably hasnt done my hair that much of a favour. I invested in a 2 pint plastic jug (I intend keeping this for a very longtime and I cant risk the children dropping glass in the bath) and put a very small puddle, say a dessert spoonfull of shampoo in the bottom of the jug, I then pop the jug under the showerhead and add about 1 inch of warm water to dilute. Pour this very slowly over your wet hair. Its fantastic! You will get soft and gentle bubbles all over and it wont be so harsh. Best of all I bet my bottle of shampoo will last at least 5 times longer in future and my hair feels better for it. I am following a strict only wash once a week if i can help it routine, only rinsing with hot water inbetween. This simple action of how thoughtlessly I use a product / resource has once again made me realise how so many little things from my everyday life get overlooked. I need to change!
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