Time to go back to being me...

Cheered myself up by visiting my lovely hair snipping lady... I got home and tiny tiddlywink said to me... "O, Mumma, it looks like you again!"
And so it does... I even feel more me again.
The LOVE blanket was finished this weekend past...
Tiny tiddlywink hasnt let it go yet...
Ive already started the next one for big tiddlywink. He chose colours right out of my childhood! Chocolate brown, navy blue and purple!!! I wasnt too sure at first, but they really look good!!! Pictures soon on this project. My jumper is going well too so an update is needed there.

I plan to start work again this weekend! Cant wait! Im itching to make some shoes off of my suggestions wall. Ive started painting my kitchen too in a fit of madness... I ordered the paint from my local ironmongers and its hopefully going to be here by the end of the week. Im really looking forward to brightening it up and bringing the light in.

Well, its time for bed now. Nighty night all x
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