The week past... in pictures!

PIPKIN or Pippy Long Stockings, shown above had her first experience of harness this week. As ever she has been wonderful and accepted all the silly things the humans around her do with her! We borrowed the harness from some friends and also a little driving trap...... I cant wait! You know that bit at the beginning of Beatrix Potter where she goes for a drive in the trap and it jst begins to rain as she gets home..... thats going to be me!!!
I have to overcome my utter fear of horses first! But I have been lent a book, written by Kelly Marks, called 'Perfect confidence', which looks wonderful. I have great hopes.

If all goes well we will be clippity clopping along this lane very soon..... picnic basket in situ.

A 'Lambs 2009' update. Ronnie boy has a friend called smudge (the white one). Both are expanding at a rate of knots so are now considerably larger than in this picture!

Little Tiddlywink bought me anenomes.... grown in Chagford. I took some stunning pictures and wanted to share this one! I adore anenomes, the colours are so vibrant, yet never brash, just beautiful!

The fairy shoemaker is a busy bee as ever. I am working on 7 pairs of shoes and 9 bags at the present time so my workshop is buzzing. I will be having a break this weekend though and hope very much that the sun shines! I washed and dried a load of sheets this morning, getting them in just in the nick of time before the rain came down.
Last noteable thing.... I saw my first Queen wasp of the year as I was hanging up the said sheets, she was busy planeing a clothes peg for nest building material. One day my clothes pegs will dissapear altogether because I constantly see wasps doing this!!!
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