The simple pleasure of sleeping...

Its gone 5 in the morning and unlike this little chap I am not peacefully sleeping....
I have very odd sleep patterns. My ability to sleep for a night seems to change like the weather. One week I can sleep like a log, others, I just lie there for hours on end. More often than not, I dont even bother going to bed, like tonight. Its been a long busy night and it will be followed by a long busy day tommorow! I think lots of 'tea tray' stops will be needed tommorow though!
Ive been rather busy tonight catching up on shop tidying. I now have some rather swish navigation tables at the bottom of each site page, hopefully making it easier for customers who might be looking for a little more info. And a little dusting on the font, and the top category buttons, and the images.... and on and on and on! Im a terrible 'website tidier uper' bore so Id best stop there! Any way, it looks good and its all getting ready for me opening up the new shoe categories.
Yes folks! The time is nigh! I actually managed to do a little work on a pair of shoes for the new collection today. A pair of DOTTY in rose leather with brown insoles and brown spotted ribbon bows. Ive been experimenting on changing my patterns, a few tweeks here and there to make them fit even better. Its partly why I cant sleep! Im making shoes in my head most of the night! Its ridiculous!
Im not alone though, I think many designers go through a similar thing as I do. Heads being too crammed with treasures, all too impatient to wait thier turn to be made. Things will calm down soon though and I am glad I am busy.

On a knitty note.... the reknitting of the chocolate tent yarn into what I hope will be more of a chocolate glove, is going very well. The back and both fronts are complete so the next step is the sleeves. They shouldnt take too long so I hope to have it done and dusted very soon.
I couldnt resist keeping one of these wrap dresses in the green colourway for myself. I know, shocking isnt it, plundering stock. BUT its such a perfect fit and its got a wonderful chocolate brown base colour in the pattern so I had to have one to match the soon to be complete cardi. I wore a brown petticoat with my pea pod green cardi, striped black and green stockings, brown vest and striped scarf today, finished off with my chocolate quinces. It looked rather nice, even if I do say so myself. I might even take a photo tommorow and post it on here!

I may curl up on the rag rug in front of the Rayburn now, like one of the cats and try to get a couple of hours sleep before the house errupts into mayhem..... I was even organised and brought my pillow with me!
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