The new website is finished!

At last Ive got it all sorted! All the gobble-de-gook that goes with building a site and moving servers and settings and all that stuff! Brain frying, but finished!
Ive been busy working on the January orders today as well and will continue tomorrow. I am DETERMINED to get them all finished this week!

And so as of tomorrow I will be listing all future MADE TO ORDER footwear in the shop here! Click the SHOP link up there on the top of the page to see whats on offer!
I will add 3 listings tomorrow: OPHELIA - PUCK - PRICKLE after breakfast! As soon as they are live I will post an update on the facebook page so do follow to get a chance of snaffling one.
I'm so excited about this new beginning!
And talking of new beginnings... my lovely new website has a fully integrated blog too! Bells and whistles!!! I rather like having it all under one hat so I'm going to carry on blogging here for the future. Blogger is rather temperamental and I have read that they have removed the friend connect feature, so it may become harder to follow on there anyway. Plus, and this is a big plus... this is so much easier to use!
Im packing orders this evening and then a little light sewing!

Ren x
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