The end of the Hoodie....

Sadly it wasnt quite the end I had envisaged.....
After much deliberation and debate with anyone I could find to comment on it, I decided that it was not what I had in mind and it had to go on the 'to unpick' heap. I just had the hood and sleeves to finish BUT it would have taken a vast amount more wool (which has had a price increase of double!!) so I was left thinking, do I really want to experiment with such a fine stash of yarn? NO.
BUT all is not lost...... Oh no! If I make the squares all of the same size I could turn it into a little blanket for the sitting room for keeping your knees warm in the midst of winter. I have a little pile of these which we all use when the fire hasnt been lit (we dont have central heating so it can get rather chilly!).
I am hoping that I will have enough to knit the lovely 'MILLER' jumper from the Rowan book, 'A Yorkshire Fable'. I shall use all of the unpicked short lengthes so it will be very stripey and interesting. The collar is rather boring so I will jazz it up a little. Watch the blog!

This one is hot off my needles! Apologies for the picture, taken in my dressing table mirror which is very, very old and spotted with age! It gives you an idea though. The pattern was for DK cotton, but I changed it to Aran wool and silk blend in fennel green. Had a devil of a job finding buttons so I made some leather ones. They turned out a treat, I am going to always make my own now for coats etc.
Next project before the 'miller' jumper has to be a little knitted something for middle tiddlywinks birthday which is very soon, then straight on with tiny tiddlywinks winter jumper which I shall make as a Christmas present. Money is tight at the mo and will be for a while yet so its homemade presents all round this year!
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