The dresser in snowlight...

The skylight has been cleared of the snow by the little sunshine we had yesterday and the kitchen table was flooded with snowlight. The house has a magical white glow coming in every window.
One of the kitchen dressers where we keep the jammy bits and bread board looked very inviting so a picture was needed....
Even my basket of wet washing looked somehow appealling.... but the reality on the washing front is that I cannot wait to start pegging out on the outside line on warm Spring days...

Bet Im not alone on this thought either!!!

Last notes:
  • More snow forecast tonight and tommorow... drat! Cough permitting Im going to have to wade through the snow with parcels next week if the roads havent cleared. Wish we had sledge runners on our little pony trap! Maybe next year!

  • I made bread in the new old Rayburn and it was perfection!!!! So chuffed about this!

  • Saturday, so my day off to catch up, sorting rubbish, oops I meant belongings, on one of the shelves in the dining room. Determinded to do a shelf a week, two if its small!

  • Cheerio!

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