The 'Cyclamen' cover up is complete....

This was fun (knitting with clenched teeth)!
Started in bed yesterday morning.... finished in bed this morning.... All of the rest of the knitting was completed yesterday evening and a wee smidge at dinnertime, while I soaked up the sunshine in the back garden, intermittantly nibbling on my stilton sandwich.

I WILL NEVER use this bobbly wool again..... even if it was the last yarn on earth! It was such a fidget to knit as my needles constantly kept getting stuck in the loops. But it was a bargain as the entire top used just under 4 x 50gm balls, and I only paid 50p a ball in a sale! The colour is beautiful and as I could find no pea green velvet ribbon and was (as ever) too impatient to wait for any to arrive in the post.... I quickly made up a little rose ribbon corsage and used the same ribbon to tie. As I knitted the top neckline I put in a buttonhole ready for this.

This heavenly pattern can be found at this lovely ladies blog My computer is having a nervous breakdown and wont let me open any window other than the one i am working in so I cant put a hyperlink to it, sorry! I may not be able to put pictures either untill its mended, so apologies if there are none showing!

I shall make another of these in some Patons Vintage yarn that I have in the woolly hoard. Its much thinner but I think a airy effect may work well.

Last note: I will make the following alterations to the pattern the next time I knit it.

1. I will decrease at least 4 stitches across the back just before I start the ribbing to bring it in tighter and stop any gapeing.
2. It is almost impossible to knit those arm stitches from the spare yarn afterwards. Next time I shall put the fronts and back onto spare yarn first. Then knit each individual sleeve. I will put the fronts and back stitches onto the needles and knit them last of all.
3. I had to use a single crochet to join the underarm seam because the b***** bobbly yarn would not sew! BUT crocheting this little seam worked quite well.
4. Just incase I didnt hear myself last time..... I will not use bobbly yarn!
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