The cut...

Good old Nikki! She chopped it all off for me... I no longer look like a cross between Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jonathan Creek. It feels soooo good to have my face and neck free of mop too!
Its a bit 1980's, but never mind. I can just about live with this while it grows the barbed wire perm out.
A very kind blog reader suggested rubbed in olive oil for my scalp, so I shall be pretending my heads a pizza and doing that tonight!
Thank you everyone for your advice! Much appreciated!
See... I did have a neck... I knew it was there somewhere!
Im really enjoying this button through linen dress from the charity shop. It has a beautiful ruffled bib front and tiny puff sleeves. I bought it about 2 years ago and never wore it because its only just above the knee in length. I popped it on over my new petticoat and left it un buttoned (shocking...) from the hips down. It gives quite a pretty layered effect. I shall no longer walk away from short button front dresses in future. They work well worn like this with petticoats!

Back to work on my DORIS shoes. Alas, I dont think they will be ready for the holiday adventure...

Wednesday update: and now I look like Jeremy Clarkson (without the car)....
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