The Charity Fair...

Heres all my knitwear laid out for sale at the charity fair held at Christow on Saturday. I managed to raise £103 for Cancer research. It was fairly quiet but a good fair nonetheless. I do wish I had sold more though! Some of the stalls looked as if they had sold hardly a thing. I find this so sad at craft fairs. In fact its partly why I stopped doing them. Im not sure that many people go to buy really, and unless its a wealthy area many locals just wont be buying anyway! The mentality seems to be that its better to buy mass manufactured in a big town or city, which is odd because they would end up spending just as much!!! There we go though...

Littlest sold lots of paper bunting and paper mice and hair clips that she has been busy making for months!

Guess what we had for tea!

Back to work home here! All of the October orders have been posted and I am going full steam ahead on November orders and new stock for the shop (which is long overdue!).
Pictures soon!
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