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Well my dears, what a strange few months this has been for everyone. Ive been self isolating since 1994 when my first baby arrived so its not been very different for me... up here. But, I do know its had a profound effect on many, which is a very sad business. Bearing in mind that much like Brexit, we have probably, mostly, all started to suffer with Brain Numbness when we here any news on the subject, so that's As Much As I Will Say on the matter.

Let's talk shoes instead and pass a jolly few minutes in Fairysteps Land :)

What have I been up to? Gosh, what haven't I been up to! I think a list is needed because there is so much to catch up on.

  • Obvs the Scotland trip was cancelled. Whisky Wagon is up on jacks in the big shed as Mr Fairysteps has moved onto more pressing matters. This consists of his yearly battle with Mother nature, mainly brambles, stinging nettles and ivy this year, plus veg growing on an industrial scale... I know nettles are great for caterpillars etc... but for heaven's sakes. If we left them all the caterpillars would in fact overrun the property, possibly even Devon (the entire South West of England might even sink under the weight of the invasion), and isn't there enough going on without us causing that sort of calamity? Maybe the van will be finished this year for local trips to the seaside, crossing fingers. He is also super busy getting our Airbnb ready for next year, masses and masses of work to do yet ;)
  • I changed my name back to its original one, Fairysteps. It was strange but it just felt the right thing to do. It almost feels like time travel in an odd way. I can't think of how else to describe it, but it was most definitely the right thing to do. Anything that turns back time has to be a winner ;)
  • I closed custom orders. I know, what am I like! But by golly it was needed. I honestly haven't had this much enthusiasm and joy in my work for years. I literally am working my socks off, yet I feel like Im on constant holiday. Well as far as Im concerned that says it all. Sadly there have been grumbles about custom going :( but the majority seem very happy about all the new stuff I am making. Alas, I can't please everyone, as much as I try. But I do know that if I burn out there won't be any shoes for anyone, custom or otherwise, so I simply must follow my instincts on how I need to work and what options I offer. Note: I still feel guilty though...
  • I revisited an old style and have been busy tweaking that pattern to perfection. Ive made several size runs now and I am so pleased with them. If I was doing custom I wouldn't have had time.
  • On a personal level, all my grown up children are back home living which has been a wonderful treat to have the whole litter back together. Obviously I don't want them to stay forever, I mean come on, I know I'm a good Mother but there are limits ;) but it's good to see them safe and well and busy. I am so lucky!
  • My Slimming World journey continues, happily I can say, because I just can't imagine living any other way now. Eating healthily every single day feels so good. I am now lighter than when I met my Husband when I was just 17 years old. I am not at target yet, but it's so close I can almost touch it :) I honestly don't know why the government doesn't promote the programme? All the NHS diet advice programmes seem to be for calorie counting. Ive don't that. Yes I lost lots of weight. Yes I was utterly miserable. Yes I put it all back on. I was hungry all the time and it made me obsess over how much food I was eating, which is most unhealthy. Slimming world taught me about all the healthy foods I can eat as much as I want to of. It was simply a case of filling up on those and waiting for my tastes to change so that I didn't crave junk foods anymore. I am 1.5lbs away from my 3 stone loss award ;) Thats in just under a year. Woo Hoo.

So thats me caught up. Lots of other bits too, but I daresay you've developed a nervous twitch in your left eye by now so that will be enough for now. Lets have some shoe pictures instead :)

Finally faced my buckle hang up and decided that buckles are in fact rather blooming marvelous, so for heaven's sakes Ren, get on and start using them more. Having embraced this new found love of buckles, and true to form, I haven't made a single shoe without a buckle in weeks 🤣

The little butterfly on the Tea Bar shoe really suits it I think. I've also used a flower accent on the next batch which are all shamrock green. Just you wait till you see those wonders!

The next variation is Petalstrap. Initially with a different coloured, narrow centre strap, but Ive changed that now to the same base shape as the Tea Bar shoe. I have some simply beautiful jade leather which will be a full size run of these, with a limited edition printed leather for the flowers in lilacs and pinks. O my goodness, soft, subtle, beauty.

The original narrow centre strap.

And the latest tweak of this design. Im a terrible pattern fiddler. Notorious in fact, so there will be more tweaks ;) its the perfectionist in me...

Well my dears, the worktable calls and once I have made another pot of tea I shall continue on these shamrock green Tea Bar shoes. After that, its Jade Petalstraps in a full size run. Then I think Luna is calling.

Take care and wherever you are, I hope your sun is shining.
Ren x

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