Taking a break from Bespoke

Im afraid Ive had another bout of realising that I do infact only have 2 hands, 3 brain cells, 1 heart and only 24 hours in each day... everyday.
I nearly missed the blue sea of the woods, Ive been that busy rushing about like a Mr Men story...
I need time to see more of these too...
And do you know what? Im going to give myself permission to slow down a bit. Fancy!
Ive finally decided that its OK for me to sell stock only on Fairysteps. It may even be better for customers not having to go on waiting lists. Ive done it before, I know, and then I come back to it and then I do it again! Its all OK!

And my love of Fairysteps can sit happily next to life.

I shall plough on with my orders pile now and make these treasures that so many generous people have ordered from me. Thank you everyone!
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