Sunshine in Neverland...

I was so pleased this little chap came and helped with the last lot of pictures...

These NEVERLANDs in conker and greenwood turned out as woodzy perfection.

EDITH in violet with lavender lovehearts are in fact a birthday gift for a wife, so extra special. I make lots of shoes as gifts that will be given...

PRICKLEs in mermaid with lovely damask pink insoles. 

And, I have to share some rather delicate little daffodils from home. I think these are called hammerheads. At only 3" tall they are dinky indeed and such a beautiful yellow. The old lady they came from received them as a packet of bulbs from her Father in Portugal over 70 years ago... They like it here and spread quite well.

Last but not least... a view of the evening sun from nearby moorland. Thank heavens we are seeing more of the sun again. I have literally been pining for it!

Ren x
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