Summer flying by...

Its that time of year again where the days are going extra quickly. It seems to be constantly either the start or the end of the week. You know what I mean...

The workshop is busy and we are being very productive, which is always a good thing :) I closed custom yesterday to give us a chance to have a good catch up on both orders and also bootmaking, bag making and general stock building. Has to be done every now and then to have a breather and to keep things (read that as brain) ticking along nicely.

Also very aware that its mid August and we havent had a holiday since we took a weekend off last September. Mr Fairysteps recently (3 days ago) bought a van and is busy building a bed platform in it. Its small enough to use as a day to day vehicle, but large enough to fit a double bed in the back for the odd impromptu night away at the seaside. Im so excited!!!!

Its an ex AA recovery van so its that glorious yellow colour which we love. Ive named him Bumblebee. Had to :)
Ive ordered rip stop waterproof fabric in bright orange and grey to build a tent / awning that will be custom made to fit over the back door and is going to be just big enough to sit in 2 chairs and look at the rain. This is England afterall.
Had a search online and could I find a small van awning? Nope. Only big things that are a fidget to pop up and require about 20 able bodies to do so and a 55 page instruction manual... I shall enjoy making it (hopefully, should probably be added at this point).
So maybe some mini breaks are on the horizon too.

As much as I love our Winnebago camper, she really is a house on wheels so quick getaways really need planning about where we can go etc. A small van can stop anywhere so its possibly going to suit us better. Wander will be stored ready for a possible European road trip. We shall see. All thoughts for the future.

I still havent found a Landrover for me. The classics seem to have rocketed in price :( Wish we had kept the one Mr F restored so beautifully. But we didnt, and you live and learn. We are going to keep looking though and hopefully one will turn up before long.

I have several dressmaking and woolly bits all but finished so am looking forward to getting those in the shop soon. Do look out for updates on those.

Right then, back to work for everyone. Have a wonderful rest of the week and hope your weekends are full of lovely things to inspire and delight my dears.

Ren x
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