Stripey stockings and Quince fairy shoes, because I said I would....

This post is especially for Merle and all lovers of striped stockings and fairy shoes......
I antiqued this photograph and I must say it rather suits it a treat. It could have been taken a hundred years ago...... but it wasnt. It was taken at 9 o'clock this morning just before the next batch of rain descended on the land. Im so sick of the rain now. I love the fact that the trees and the earth are being watered BUT I dont need anymore watering. Im damp enough.
We slept with our bedroom french doors thrown wide open all night (sort of like camping outside but you still get to stay in your bed) and spent a restless night listening to constant bumping of bass notes drifting across the valley from a music performance. Maybe it was Chagstock at Whiddon Down. Which is miles away from us so people at the actual event must be deaf this morning. I was NOT best pleased because I had a thumper of a head yesterday and needed rest.

I did manage to get my new shelves painted ready for filling up today. Promise before and after pictures once completed. Cousin visiting all next week....... so excited!!!!!!! Cleaning a 'patch' for a spare bed this afternoon, hence the shelves........ All of the sewing stuff will be rehomed on them leaving the spare room, more spare.
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