Stitching magic again...

I cant tell you how much Ive enjoyed making accessories again after such a long break. Its wonderful to work alongside my Husband on these as well :) Keeps both of our sewing machines busy.

There will be lots of these being made over the coming months so do look out for many more.

I thought a little working shot from my studio was in order. Stitching in the sunshine as we have outbursts of bright yellow stuff, between the heavy April showers.

I shall share the latest footwear images in a day or two, but for now, I am busy, busy, busy with finishing the last custom orders (pile going down fast, and joy at this, climbing in equal measure). Ive a few JINKS belt bags to decorate and list over the coming days too. So many people have asked for them, so again, there will be more of this style on a regular basis. In fact, there will be lots more of all our most popular styles on a regular basis as I plan on working hard to keep the shelves stocked up. Feeling very positive.

Ren x
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