Stepping off the Merry Go Round...

You know... its nice to have a ride on a Merry go Round, but when your head starts spinning its time to step off...
Back in April 2011 I joined Big Cartel and opened a shop. It was primarily going to be used alongside Etsy as a selling platform and I read miles and miles of advice online about why it was the 'best way' forward. Progressively it made my head fry trying to track stock in two shops! I then decided to leave the stock in the Etsy shop and the custom made items on the big cartel website. And that brings us up to the present time. Well, as of Friday night anyway! Ive been questioning why I left? It was partly fear based, I was worried that Etsy might go bust and fade away... nope, thats not going to happen! They have infact in the last year got better and better! The tools for running an efficient shop and business on there are second to none. And the advertising... I didnt like paying the fees... (who does) but have come to appreciate that the fees are actually a small price to pay for the exposure that Etsy gives your business.

As I mentioned in my last post its getting busier and busier here in Fairysteps Land (yes, Mary, you are right!) and the prospect of reopening to a flood on new orders on Wednesday has had me rather worried. Its not doing the work bit, because I really do LOVE my work, its just the prospect of 40 orders backed up waiting to be made in a matter of weeks. Its like a cloud of lead rain drops threatening to rain down and squat you...

And so dear readers, after all this rambling... I decided that actually I just need to stop worrying and to step off this Merry Go Round and go back to the Candy floss stall that is Etsy! I can list how ever many order spaces I wish on there. I can work in batches and complete a pile of shoes and a few accessories BEFORE I offer the next custom listings. And I dont want to wait for one hour each month to take orders! Each time I have a space in my order book Im going to list a few different styles and the post the listings on my Facebook page to let you all know! This may even be weekly!

Ive made a new website which is being hosted on one of my temporary domains at 

As before it has links to all my places on the web, just like a good website should do! Its taken me all weekend to sort this out, both in my head and online! My Etsy shop is full of draft listings for all of the shoe collection, sat waiting for when I press publish!

I have said it before, but I will say it again, I LOVE Etsy so much! It really is a wonderland of creativity. Fairysteps will be in the best of company on there!

Happy Sunday evening to you all!

Ren x
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