Always exciting working on something new, even if it's not strictly new ;)
I haven't made this boot in over 10 years. Originally called 'Ophelia' she was popular at the time but I moved onto other styles and she fell by the wayside. Whilst sorting through old image files I rediscovered her again and decided to revamp the pattern.

I spent a very happy day redrafting patterns and tweaking here and there till they were just right. I then spent another day sifting through leather stock to see which ones would be most suitable for this style. Not all leathers work with all styles so that's a tricky one to be honest. I think the lighter weight leathers will be best to keep the boot super supple so the cut can really tuck in around the ankle and over the instep.

I plan to make an initial full size run, half of which are finished and awaiting lacing and finishing touches, the other half on my table now. Not long for the big reveal ;) I will then continue with stock leathers in some rather special combinations. I have colours for darker basic boots, like browns and dark greys, blues and greens as well as super pretty pastels to mix up. There are even a few patterned ones.
Gosh its exciting making these. As ever, updates on Instagram of when the new stock is ready.

Other news from HQ:
  • The shop has had a revamp as well as the leather swatch. Some colours are running out and won't be replaced so I thought it best to remove them from the swatch now.
  • My snowdrops are well and truly up so as far as I am concerned Spring is coming... and about time too. I am sick of Winters wet, damp, cold misery. I am finding myself dreaming of light nights and walks without raincoats and woolly everything's.
Till the next time.

Ren x
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