Something new on the needles...

Always exciting to start something new!
The Amelie cardigan for littlest is complete and loved... something for me next! My much worn Little Brown Sparrow cadigan pattern that I invented back along has proved so comfortable and 'I dont want to ever take you off to wash you'... ish, that I felt another was needed. Obviously I HAVE washed it, but you know what I mean!
In line with my new philosophy that I must make things that are actually wearable... in public, etc, I chose a very neutral natural colour. Its soft as silk, organic wool from Cornwall. I am in fact wearing my Flollop hat made with the same lovely stuff, as I type. Its too mild to light the fire and yet too cold to actually function at speed so the hat is helping to keep my fingers moving!
Ive worked 3 times the length of the original rib this time for an even more fitted bottom edge. I had planned on making a balloon border, and must confess that I did actually knit a very pretty balloon border BUT the colours just were not working for me... Soooo, halfway through my Persuasion DvD I unpicked the border... I then tried something different with a berry red yarn... no, liked that even less... Right, lets just stick to two colours then, ah yes, just the scalloped bit of the border, yep, thats the job!
This looks most odd, BUT, imagine lazy daisy stitch flowers along there, with buttons at their centres! Jolly good, because thats what Im going to do! Plain on the sleeves as the border will be rather busy on the main body and I think its enough just on there. Bottle green buttons on the button border. I know just where to find them.
On the sewing front... I treated myself to two new sewing books to inspire me! Both are great fun and really lovely to read through. I have my own collection of patterns from over the years, but its always wonderful to see dressmaking written about by passionate sewers. I highly recommend both!
I am going to make myself a new skirt to go with my new cardigan when its finished. There Ive written it, so now I have to do it!

Last words:
Im starting a new work routine next week. Work in mornings, and lessons (in the broadest sense of the word) with littlest in the afternoon, instead of the other way around, which to be honest is not working that well. Eldest at college now learning to be a carpenter, Middlest decided that she wanted the last year and a half at school to take 20,000 exams... and so its just Littlest and me now... on our ownsome... its been a lot to get used to these last months, Ive always had a house full of children. I expect all families that home school have the same thing happen to them eventually. Our children grow. But then life is always about change and constancy, with both in full measure, so I am adapting, and Littlest and me are finding our way in this quiet space which used to be soooo noisy! She sings most of the day now which I think may be her own way of filling the silence left by her brother and sister. And... before I slip into sentimentality and gloom, I shall wish you all a wonderful weekend, full of sunshine hopefully and maybe a picnic or two!
We are all off en masse to visit Saltram House with our own picnic basket, flask and tea cups... Ive even stocked up on Fondant Fancies....

Ren x
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