Something new for the Spring... Amelie cardigan

I had so much fun with the Mrs Cratchett shawl that I decided to use the same formula to make a cardigan for the coming Spring...
Ive made a starting chain of 50 plus 3 for turning. DK pure merino wool with a 5.00 hook...
Work a treble into every chain of the foundation row. Then work 1 treble, 1 chain and repeat across the row, making 2 trebles at each end for a bit of stability.
I will continue until this reaches from wrist to wrist (spanning both arms like an old fashioned yolk...). Then I am going to pick up stitches (approx 45 I think) on 3.5mm needles at each end of finished strip. Knit in knit 2, purl 2 rib for approx 4" to form the cuffs.
Then stitch up from cuff end to 1/3rd up the strip from each end leaving the centre 'body' section open. You know like a shrug!
BUT, I dont want a shrug so I shall continue crocheting around that body opening and into a point at the back...

I can see it in my minds eye and it looks fandabbydozzy!
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