Simple changes.... help a great deal!

It occurs to me that the most simple things in life are often overlooked, and yet these little trivial changes can make a HUGE collective difference. For instance..... the picture above shows my (Shock! Horror!) toilet roll holder. For my entire adult life, since owning my own toilet roll holder, I have always put the toilet roll on with the paper facing me. Someone in the house put it facing backwards (this is probably because I AM the only one that changes the toilet roll, ring any bells??!!). The loo roll lasted twice as long as usual. Then I realised that putting the roll facing me makes it unravel twice as fast, so we always end up taking at least double the amount of paper we need. My golly, that is so obvious and simple! Ive probably wasted a good ton of toilet tissue over the years that I could have saved both me and the planet. And last but not least.... my compost bucket, which stands in the corner of the kitchen, ever hungry for my 'green' scraps. I always put my empty toilet rolls in here. It adds essential 'fibre' to my compost bin.
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