Shoe brutality and a touch of sewing...

A quick touch of shoe brutality to start the day :) it’s so hot I’ve decided to sacrifice my lovely green green Ediths and chop the toes off. Sort of sandals now :) really comfy :)

Morning break in the studio listening to heavy summer rain. It’s making me feel very sleepy!

Finished work for the day and contemplating a new dress in green and red to match the newly beheaded shoes… new look #6827 which I’ve modified, but, if I can get a good fit on the bodice will be great all year round. Making ¾ length sleeves on the next one too. Off I go to play :)

Have cut out a mock up but am already suspect of awful fit on me. :( may try my old three part bodice pattern that I know works. Back to the drawing board...

Ren x
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