Sheet dress... will be

I finished the maybe sheet dress yesterday, all the pins gave me a round of applause, because I was flagging near the finish. Mainly because my lovely vintage industrial Singer that I used to make it has developing a fault. The motor (it looks like the original from when the machine was made in 1973, its younger than me...) has developed a terrible screech. And by screech, I do mean screech. Its very piercing, especially on a long seam as it gets louder. Mr Fairysteps is going to put a new motor on for me next week when he emerges from the trench...

The shaping turned out a treat. Very pleased with the bust darts and front pleats that encase the ties.

Also chuffed with the soft edge. As it ages and washes this will look rather pretty. I stay stitched the neckline twice for extra stability. The sleeves also had the zigzag treatment.

Despite the fact that I would look like Ive just escaped from hospital having first chopped up my undersheet and made a dress... it does infact look rather nice I think.

I will tweak a little on my pattern. It needs to be an inch longer, and that back centre seam will have to be brought in by half an inch to tighten the top neck edge. But, being so economic with fabric usage (I took careful note of how much it used for different widths) its going to be a cheap make.

140/150cm wide fabric = 130cm
110/115cm wide fabric = 200cm

I found some stunning japanese linens and double gauzes on Etsy in this shop, MissMatatabi which are 110cm wide and at roughly £4.50 per half metre it means the whole dress will cost £18.00 plus postage, and I will have scraps to use for pockets and trims or patchwork projects. The patterned linens are stunning! Although, having said that, I may make a simple, plain dark coloured one first. Maybe deep forest green or navy.

Better get on with my Sunday now! Much to do, logs to get in from the wood shed, a smidge of shoemaking, kitchen to tidy, fresh pizza and pesto rissoto planned for tea, a crochet jumper to finish, rubbish to take down to the bins, washing to hang up, Rayburn to light, and hopefully a walk in this glorious, albeit cold, sunshine, before dusk...

Ren x
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