Sharing tea across the miles.....

This is just for you Angie...

I made it right after we got off the telephone, and this picture is proof!

What is she dribbling on about you are asking..... I will explain.

My lovely cousin who I have neglected for years has moved from Weymouth to Oxford, practically emigrated in my book. As we cannot take tea together we agreed to use twin pots (I bought Angie one to match mine) and to make a tray of tea right after putting the phone down, then to sip and think of each other!!! Synchronised tea drinking could be the next big thing! Remember you heard it here first!

My 'holly' pot is my winter pot and I change over from my 'strawberry' pot on Halloween to mark the changing of the seasons. I use my 'cat' pot when I am sick of looking at my other pots, perish the though, how could anyone get sick of a tea pot???

I went to the dump today on a rare trip out to Exeter.... I will post about my goodies very soon, and they are goodies! They include a rather lovely small elm seated chair, a really old school desk, a single one which is quite rare to find as all the ones Ive seen are doubles, a stainless steel runner bean slicer, wooden laundry tongs, a big thick cast pan (might use this for outdoor cooking under the bath), an old embossing press, the most beautiful HUGE oak armchair which looking at the style I think must be an arts and crafts one. Leather seat is ragged but I shall soon restore it. Its most definetly a sit beside the rayburn with your cocoa and a tin whistle job!

Also expect a post on the hoodie mark 3..... its looking good!
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