Shall we have more?

WIZARDS in the shop in Pansy and Lilac...

A few new a few old which I have re ribboned and photographed...

Love this colourway! I can see these on a customer who likes flowing black velvet, tattered lace and crumpled chiffon...

These Dotty shoes had a new photograph!

As did these Queenie with new ribbons. I think maybe the previous orange ribbons put people off because i had expected these to sell quickly! They look completely different now!

And new PUCKs in that pretty Jade leather with Caramel insoles and ribbons...

And a little 100% Vegan offering! QUEENIE in misty ink. Such a beautiful colour and luckily I had  ribbons that matched perfectly!

And last but not least... I have popped the Fairy and Elf crowns back in the shop! I had so many requests for these.

Im happy to say that apart from the ironing (wonder why that got missed...) I did indeed do everything on my list from yesterday! Im now off down the hill to drink tea in my best friends cosy, welcoming kitchen where we frequently and consistently bemoan the time consuming properties of the internet and then immediately contradict ourselves by reminding each other how lucky we are to have it! I feel we probably aren't alone in this activity, and that it must happen in kitchens all across the globe!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Ren x
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