Season on the change...

There is a definite nip in the air. I felt it on Wednesday and its got progressively cooler since. Plus the ever rampant Virginia creeper is blushing so that's a sure sign if ever there was one that the season is on the move. Summer has dusted off her golden coat and will soon be leaving with the Swallows.

Talking of dust, gosh did I have a good clean up in my workshop. Nothing like a good dusting and clearing of cobwebs to really inspire you. I had a good shuffle round too, although, I must say I did have to move my sewing machine back to where it was again. It threw me completely and I kept trying to sit down to an empty space. Very discombobulating... ;) But some new stock boots did get cut out which is a good start.

See... clean. I even wrote Tidy on the picture to highlight it... ;)

And onto the boots. Gosh I am having fun.  I recently had a flower and butterfly stamp made up which for me has meant I no longer have to cut the tiny shapes with scissors (poor old hands are getting creakier every winter...). Can't even begin to tell you how wonderful that is. Only took me 16 years, but never mind. I'm going with 'Better late than Never' on that one. Hence, I am going flower mad lately, squiggle stitching and layering till my heart is bursting.

I bought this glorious lipstick pink leather 15 years ago, and Ive been saving it for so long... Fabric and yarn hoarders among you Will Know just where I'm coming from by writing that. But, its no good chaps. My shelves are literally dripping in leather and I must crack on and use it. I'm just going to go mad and make as many Tinker boots as is humanly possible to eat into my leather stores. I may even break through to Narnia at the back of the shelves by Christmas...

If I sneak in 2 pairs each time in between batches of current orders I should be able to get quite a few made for the Winter ahead. Thats the plan anyway, but its always dependent on time. They won't all be pink, don't worry. I know pink isn't for everyone, but somewhere out there, each pair has its owner waiting for them. Thats how I always see it as I make them. 

I shall be making batches of blues, greens, purples and browns. Just like my leathers are laid out. That way I can pick out some rather yummy limited edition leathers which aren't on the swatch. Do expect lots of 'Flutterby Garden' (shown above) and 'Neverland' boots. I am especially excited about the brown ones. Getting more and more drawn to brown as I get older.

Size wise, I am afraid there will be limited sizes :( Only UK 4 / 5 / 6 / 7. I am so sorry if this isn't your size. Its just that UK 3 and UK 8 are so rarely ordered that making stock boots to sit on the shelf isn't really very practical or rewarding. But, on a brighter note... The entire size range UK 3 to 8 is available for the Everyday Collection which does contain our popular Willo and Wisp boots. Yay!!! 

Well my dears, it's been fun sharing, as always.
Ren x

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