Sanitary update!

Being in the midst of it, so to speak it seems a good time to update on some of the comments about my last post. Lots of comments about the Mooncup! Its very popular indeed! I should have said that I do own one but due to incredibly heavy periods I dont find it a practical solution. But I agree with all of you who mentioned them, for light to medium menstruation they are a wonderful alternative to horrid and unhealthy tampons! BUT I have to say that I am a little old fashioned.... I still feel that nature knows best, and its not called menstrual flow for nothing.... let it run its natural course and let no hinderance get in its way! Another blogger mentioned using old nappies cut into quarters as an alternative to muslins so that may be worth a try too. I use all of my old terry nappies as hand towels.... She also agreed that there has been no leakage using folded clothes in this way and also that they dry so much faster than heavily layered made up ones. I guess it all boils down to personal taste and comfort, but do give folded cloths a go!
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