Ribbons, belts.... and hairbands.

I made this beautiful HEPZIBAH belt for shop stock and wanted to share it! This is the first time that I have laced this belt with ribbon instead of the usual leather thonging. I love it!
I must do more, I can see in my minds eye a minty vintage green with long bright fae pink ribbons...

And now for something different......
A bit of freeform stitching here on this pretty headband. I was thinking of the ragged leaves of poppies at the time. I shall need one of these soon as my hair is reaching the 'I cant cope with it in my eyes and want it cut all over again' stage.....

Finally, a particularly nice rag tag BIRCH in the new 'thunder' leather contrasting perfectly with 'damson' grained. Also added to the shop is a XL Alder bag and drip pouch, and poppy purse all made in this gorgeous thunder leather.
Currently struggling as my back seems to have gone very wrong....! No rest for the wicked (I'm terribly wicked), back to work for me!!!!
Last note.... I hope to have some new shoes to showcase on the blog very soon, as soon as my hammering arm is back up to speed. A big roll of new leathers came today..... very vintagey colours.... soft vintage rose, palest wedgwood blue, poppy red grained and a replacement ivy pull up which is verging on dark emerald. I have PLANS for them already, but you will have to wait and see what I turn them into!!!
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