Retro rose garden dress...

I dressed up for the meal out... my new Fair trade retro roses dress. What a perfect fit! It went in and out (ive got rather alot of in and out..) in all the right places. I love it. There is only one in stock in the shop so I must order more, because you ALL need one of these...

The pattern is even lovelier in the flesh.
Well Im off to make a tray of tea and do some more knitting, it is Sunday after all and the work will all still be there tommorow. Thats what Im telling myself anyway, to assuage the guilt that I should be doing something productive!!! I promise a crochet blanket update this week, and also some pictures of current shoe orders which I hope to be sending out to customers early this week. Also some new shoes will be put into stock.

Have a lovely Sunday evening everyone x
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