Recycled food wrapping.

I havent bought tin foil or cling wrap for nearly 20 years.... Its evil stuff for the environment, plus where is the sense in buying something to throw away? Because thats what food wrapping ultimately is, something we use once and then throw away.
Yet nearly every household in the country has a ready supply of wrapping suitable for sandwiches, cold meats, cheese, salad.... anything except for liquid!
The tough, crinkly crisp lining bags inside cereal boxes is perfect. Once the cereal dust has been shaken out it can be used as it is, as a bag OR just carefully pull apart the back seam (it comes apart really easily) and then the base to make a huge sheet of food wrapping! It is superb for picnics! The best bit is that you can wash it along with your dishes, rinse and hang it up over the sink, and use it over and over again.

I may not be able to replace mine in future though..... I have decided that all these little cereal boxes are a packaging nightmare SO am putting the entire family on cereal rations of muesli only which I will be buying in bulk. No more cornflakes, malties, apricot wheats, weetabix, branflakes...... they arent happy!! But there is also porridge which is a family favourite, and homemade bread toasted, plus the hens are laying over 20 eggs a day, so lots of choice. My tiddlywinks particularly enjoy making themselves cinnamon toast, egg in a hole and eggy bread for breakfast. I dont think they will starve!
Happy wrapping!
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