Ready for the off..

Well what a job its been...

But now my camping teapot and teabags have been loaded aboard I feel ready for the off... Mr F has since screwed a wooden strip across these shelves to keep the cups in place!

Here is a carrievan casualty... exhausted...

Beds are made, cushions didnt get finished but they are nearly there! We bought a drive away awning for the older children to sleep in. Its brilliant! Mr F has worked his socks off on this and I think needs a holiday to get over it!

I picked blueberries till it was so dark I couldnt see the blue of the berry and had to stop. I did manage to get  a bucketful though. Must pop them in the freezer in a moment. Then its pack up food and last minute items, stare at maps for a little while (we dont even know where we are going...), and generally get ready for the off.

O... and decide what knitting bag Im taking... I think I may take cotton to crochet some bunting for the interior while Im away.

Back on Tuesday! Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine and fair skies.

Ren x
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