Rays baby has made an apple pie...

Carrot and caraway ragout with creamy mashed potato and a deep apple pie made with Brambley apples picked from the orchard at harvest time. It seemed so long ago....

The exciting thing about this meal is that its the first I have cooked on my new Rayburn!!! Can you feel me hopping up and down??? This Rayburn has been quite a roller-coaster ride! I bought it on ebay nearly 2 years ago now. Apparently it was working up to 3 days before we viewed it in a dark shed with no torch... Once we got it home we discovered a huge hole in the boiler and piles of rust which sort of made it obvious that it hadnt been lit for some time. Ah well, thats how it goes. Its cost a huge amount of money to renovate (stainless steel boiler, fire bricks, oven dial, huge amount of other parts, etc, masses of time scraping years of someone elses dirt off of it (thank you Mr Fairysteps for this part....). Then lots of crossed fingers that it behaves as well, and in fact better than the even older Rayburn bought 20 years ago for £10.

This Rayburn MF (1980 hence title of this post, its a generation apart from the old one) is suppossed to run 5 radiators and domestic hot water whilst our old Rayburn from the early 1950's just did hot water and cooking.

What with the house in utter dissarray with floors up all over the place (my studio still inaccessible) and plumbing bits coming out of ears, hissing pipes with air locks, etc, etc its been quite a new year so far!

The water is hot, the rads are hot, the kettle has boiled all day, the logs are enormous (at least a third longer) and to top it all the oven in this one seems to cook even better than my old one. I mean, just look at that pastry! It didnt even burn it on one side like the older Ray used to. I am so chuffed! And weve even moved into the 1980 models!!! Practically modern for us.

Cant wait to make bread in it!!!

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