Rain, beans, chutney, jam and washing...

Ive been soooooo busy lately I am almost tripping over myself!
Its that mad time of year when mother nature is giving us everything she has... literally, and it all needs safely storing for the winter ahead. Just thought Id share some of my favourite pictures from the fairy shoemakers busy little kitchen.

I must have made at least 60 jars of jam this season, including raspberry, blackcurrant, gooseberry and peach (shown above). I usually only use fruits produced at home but I couldnt resist buying a box of peaches to give it a go! Have to say I dont think its as good as plum.

Of course.... we've been going through batches of bread like nobody's business!

And as for runner beans.... as usual I marvel at the speed at which they produce! Giant pots of green bean chutney have been squirrelled away into the larder.

And last but not least, hanging my washing outside seems to signal the heavens that its time to empty. My poor kitchen has been covered in wet washing for weeks!
Today was perfect drying weather and I had none washed ready to hang out, typical.

Shocking isnt it!

Well there we go!

Last notes are:
  1. I have updated the website with new graphics... sort of distressed and aged, much like I felt by the time I had finished it, and asking myself "Why do I constantly change it?"
  2. It is very blowy outside and the air is warm and fruity and I actually felt my hair whipping against my face... it must be growing then, yippeee!
  3. I refuse to make anymore jam this year.
  4. The new blog colours remind me of golden autumn leaves and its making me smile seeing it!
  5. My new jumper is over halfway to complete and I LOVE IT! I nearly finished the front in bed last night... Picture post soon I promise.
  6. I am switching the gogglebox off now and cutting shoes so my fingers will be sore, cramped and dropping off by teatime.....

Bye chaps!

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