Purple petticoat continues...

Here goes... Take one discarded shirt from Eldest Son and marvel at how all the best cottons are made into Mens shirts and not Womens skirts... decide to chop it up and make a skirt...

Take one chopped off hem from shortening a previously made skirt and have a juggle with the skirt yoke pattern to see if it will work. Can I get two out of here? Yes... phew!

Decide the width of the shirt is not enough and cut off the sleeves, plus the cuffs. Hmm... what about popping one on each side of the skirt and having a slightly longer hem in these places? That would be unusual and add width because they are splayed out. I trimmed a little off of the sleeve head, but left it raised.

Here is the shirt body! I cut off the buttons (Im going to stitch these back on later on the patch) and cut the side seams of the shirt, carefully taking out the original overlocked seam. I then pinned my sleeve fabric panel in, one on each side. Next, I added an additional panel cut from the top back of the shirt, turned it on its side and stitched this between the front button strip of the shirt. I now had a big tube! A bit of gathering and onto the skirt yoke it went.
Zip was popped in, and the lace stitched to the wibble wobble hem. A patch of scraps added to the front to break up the dividing line, plus a length of lace trim to float around a bit!

And just as I was finishing the waistband with some wine coloured bias binding, the dratted bobbin ran out! It always happens doesnt it! I shall zig zag the lace on the yoke later and finish the waistband and its done!
All made with scrap fabric and it only really cost me the zip and lace, so about £2.00. Most pleased! There is another dark brown striped shirt with a velvet overlay that he put in the charity shop bag too... but they arent going to get it... not now!

And finally, I took a picture of my little sewing room where it all happened! Its small but adequate and it was fun sitting in there yesterday evening making this project! Ive never really done this sort of major recycling before of garments so its all take it as it happens really! I loved every minute. It was very freeing not working with a proper pattern. I want to make a dress next! Tattered and layered and the sort of thing a gypsy fairy would swoon for...
Happy sewing everyone!

Ren x
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